Giving Heart’s Thanksgiving Feast

Richmond is lucky. We have a massive community Thanksgiving Feast. As in 3000+ people gathered together to share a meal together. To volunteer, cook, clean turkeys, fill cranberry cups, make gravy¬†from scratch, create table decorations, serve strangers and loved ones alike. To eat, dine, break bread, commune, be one group of caring people and people caring about each other. Ostensibly, the feast is to feed the “homeless” but more so it is a gathering of generous souls no matter where one sleeps. Open to everyone, each table at the feast is a humbling concoction of RVA, stretching each boundary the other 364 days of the year ridiculously claim. It is The Giving Heart’s gift to the city and the city’s gift to each participant. Thank you for making my Thanksgiving just that, a day filled with thanks and much giving.

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