Team Rwanda at UCI 2015 in Richmond, VA

So I fell for Team Rwanda this past week as “the world came to Richmond” for the Union Cycliste Internationale races. In truth, I fell for them when I saw Rising from Ashes at the Afrikana Film Festival on Sunday, September 20. Which meant for the next week, I enjoyed photographing the team members whenever I saw them zoom along the race courses.

Seeing the film helped take the races from all the Richmond hype about traffic issues, road closures, and selling merchandise to what the races are about: individuals with hopes, passion, talent, skill, and a love for the sport of bicycling. The races are about people. Incredible people with deep dedication to their dreams. Inspirational people.

And I, along with a multitude of others, am so very thankful to the racers and their fans for bringing such wonderful energy to my hometown. We miss you already!


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