The Everyday Beauty of Trees

I’m as much a fan of gorgeous photos of trees as the next tree lover. You know the ones I mean, those breath-taking shots of the early morning sun streaming through on a misty day in some far away remote forest. I have to confess that I even envy them, secretly wishing to make “magnificent” photos. But it isn’t in my personality to stalk mist, to wait on the sunshine, to patiently look for the perfect moment that is jusssst right. I’m a mover, I’m not a sitter.

I’m still a lover of beautiful trees, just the kind that I find in the every day world. The kind of trees right here, the kind that enhance our lives or at least could if we’d notice them. So, you’re welcome, I’m going to help us all out! I’m posting a #TreeADay photo on my twitter account. Each tree will be beautiful. Some, if I’m at the right place at the right time, might even be showy & magnificent. I may dip into my stash of tree photos from my travels through 50 counties. Because, trees grow in every country in the world. Every country. Greenland, no it doesn’t have one single tree but technically it’s part of Denmark, which does. And the Antarctic has no trees but it’s not a country either.

Thanks to knowledgeable friends and acquaintances, most posts will offer some fun fact about trees. I’m looking forward to gaining a deeper appreciation for both the beauty of the world around us and the value trees play in our lives. Too often we take them for granted, sometimes find them a nuisance, occasionally want to kill them because we don’t like the leaves or limbs they drop. But former Virginia Senator Charles Hawkins nailed it when he said, “Ever time you cut down a tree you create a problem because you lose the ability to hold down the soil.”

And soil, as we’ll learn, effects our pocketbooks. So join me on my 2016 venture of beauty, trees, photography, science, and fun. Because #EachTreeCounts. I’m using my forestry degree after all, Mom & Dad!!




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