What is Sacred?

Today, being Easter, I keep hearing music and talk about things sacred and Eternal Life. A musician sings “I will know the Lord by the scars on his hands” and I think this is so grand. Huge. Too big. Too remote for me. I prefer finding wonder in that which surrounds us, like the everyday trees I photograph instead of promoting the magnificence of a 6:23am sunrise through untouched woods, and encouraging urban adventures instead of the need for an exotic trip to remote corners of the earth. I believe the sacred is found in…compositing. Let me be clear: I don’t composite because it is sacred, I compose because I can’t stand wasting things that can be useful. I hate landfills! It’s that my concept of Sacred is rooted in the day-to-day. That life here and now is far more important to me than what happens after death. All that pie-in-the-sky talk doesn’t necessarily translate into daily activities. But composting is a daily decision to honor life.

Today, being Easter, I’ve realized I get confused between what I want and what I like. For example, I want to be a successful professional photographer so I promote my work, I post, I blog (!), I apply for grants, I hand out business cards; in many different ways I say I’m a professional photographer. All that wanting is really about the future, maybe not as far as post-death but clearly it’s a focus on further down the road. Which I don’t do well. Hence, I lost the thing that matters the most: I like taking pictures.

In this season of rebirth and renewal I’m going to let my entire approach to photography to be that I like it. I’m not simply rearranging my priorities, I’m seeing that liking taking pictures needs to be the core of everything else. This puts me in connection with my own heart, not what the future may hold. And that’s a place that feels very sacred to me.

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