Storyteller Career

Gather in Richmond, VA invited me to be one of the featured speakers for their monthly Maker Series. Brainchild of Caitlin Hathaway, the series gives creative business people an opportunity to learn, be inspired, share, and connect with other creatives.

While putting my talk together, I realized I’ve had a long career in storytelling, be it as a journalist,  photojournalist,  television producer, author, commercial photographer,  documentarian, videographer, and even as a waitress and ski lift operator spinning yarns for customers and fans alike. My mother might add I told a few tales during my childhood, never directly lying but quite adapt at revealing & withholding key aspects of my activities.

The lowdown from the talk: Portraits can be cathartic and life changing; Image libraries make business goals visually tangible; adventure is a way of life, not a 2-week vacation. In the end, it’s collaborating with others that I most adore.

Three short stories:


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