Adventure lived and known

I belive in adventure. I believe it is an opportunity to be more engaged in life, to connect to nature, to rejuvenate one’s soul. I live an adventurous life, not only from the photography and video work I do, but whenever it pops into my life. Such as last night.

I went on a gorgeous sunset (almost) full moon SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) whitewater trip on the James River with a friend. Afterwards, I decided to take the long way home instead of the expressway. At Commerce St., I saw a young African American guy walking his bike. His face looked a little apprehensive and then I noted the flat tire. I’ve been there before. So I made a u-turn to see if he needed a ride.

“Yes, I do.”

“Ok, I’ll give you one.” I pulled into the nearby lot.

He said, “Thanks,” very nicely. Then with concern added, “But I’ve got the bike.”

“That’s fine. I’m going to strap this on my roof then we’ll throw your bike in the back.”

“Can I help?” he asked as I pulled my SUP out of the car.

“Nope, I got it.”

Again, he said thank you when he sat down in the front passenger’s seat. He said had already walked 2 miles. He is going to be a freshman in high school. He likes math. He wants to be an architect and design colleges. He is one of 8 children. He likes to swim. All this and more I learned as I drove him several miles to Creighton Court. We drove into the projects, filled with people outside, in the yards, on the stoops, in the street. When we got near his place he quietly tried to figure out the best place for me to pull over. Then he saw a clearing and pointed, “The bus stop.”  

When he got out he offered, “If I had some money I’d pay you.”

“No, no, no. I wouldn’t take it.”

Super cool kid. As for me, when I decided to take the different route I thought, ‘Don’t worry something bad might happen. Let it be great.’ And there you have it, life lived well together with others.

Adventure as help, learning, healing, fun, giving back.

No photos this time, just memories.

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