Living a Loving Life

When we surround ourselves with like-minded people, it can be easy to question our usefulness. Or, for me as an artist, it is. I sometimes feel that what I have to offer is so known, passe’ even. I encountered a couple of strangers yesterday who inadvertently reminded me of the value of being happy and loving life – and that it isn’t a given for everyone.

My general way of interacting with strangers I pass on the street is to smile and say hello. That could be counted for naught, but I tell you what when those people flash a smile of happy surprise back at me, it’s an amazing thing. It’s transformative for me and for them. Our day is better. Our hearts are better. I’m sure the birds and trees nearby feel better, too, because they are sensitive to vibrations and we, of course, are bundles of energy.

So here’s a pretty picture of a tree. One that can make you smile, help you love the world a bit more, and share in my happiness because that is one of the best things I can offer. I reckon it’s the best thing we can all offer, that debilitatingly simple energy of joy. If you want to see more pretty pictures of trees, follow me on twitter where I’m posting one a day for 2016. You might even become a bigger fan of these amazing things that fill our lungs with joy.


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