Eco-warrior, Environmental Presenter.

“We are our own answers. Creating the vibrant healthy community we dream of is just one step away. Our own.” Elli Morris

I’m funky and cool with a cause, not a rebel without one.

My mission is to help people integrate nature into their everyday lives and realize the outdoors is a two-way street: we must challenge ourselves to give back, not just take.

As a visionary communicator, I pull from my experiences as an adventurer, outdoor educator, world traveler, filmmaker/photographer, and forestry graduate. I love facilitating discussions with my audience, employing photographs and travel tales to develop group calls to actions.  And sharing cool facts about trees!

I embody the concept of environmental advocacy. Check out my bio for highlights of my work. You’ll see I’m determined to use my renaissance lifestyle to help the land and water. If you want more details on that lifestyle, see the long one!

Did I mention I love trees?!

Elli Morris Bio