Tragic Tree Tuesday

Just 2 weeks ago I posted a picture of a huge glorious tree in my neighborhood as the “#TreeADay #photo” image for November 13, 2016. I was riding my bike when the grandeur of the canopy, the openness of it’s branches embracing the sun & watching over the community, took my breath away. I wrote “Look around you to see oxygen-giving plants. #Amazement isn’t found just in exotic places.” My intent? To get the general public to notice, care, appreciate, & value trees right where we live. Not just the grandiose images of forests in national parks or wilderness refuges. Yes, those natural areas are fabulous but not they don’t instill the need for life-giving trees in one’s own backyard. Apparently I’m not getting the message across either.

Today my #TreeADay #photo is on #TransformationTuesday, a hashtag designating big life-changing events, such as losing lots of weight or reaching a personal goal. This transformation is tragic, though. It is with much sadness & distain that I am reposting this tree, now nothing but a damn stump left to be chopped apart. For what? A duplex. Because obviously #RVA is in such dire straights for housing that builders have free reign to destroy whatever is in their path. Because apparently the City of Richmond has no ordinance to protect the common good. Because some architect couldn’t figure out how valuable both for our clean air, clean water, and emotional stability this tree is (was) but how much more valuable the property is with the tree alive – not dead & gone.

I know many people are consumed with the USA elections but it’s four years. Four. This tree is a product of 75+ years & poof, gone. We don’t give a damn. We can’t fathom that kind of time because we are inept at seeing beyond the length of our noses.

I’ll keep posting my TreeADay photo but my heart has been ripped out & my belief in the project’s value is being severely tested. I’m asking you – hell, I’m begging you – to give a damn about The Specific Spot on the planet where you live. Look up, love the sky, love the green, love the water & ACT on the necessity for the earth to survive, which means we cannot concrete & cover up every single inch of living soil & plants. Stop assuming signing petitions for massive tracks of wilderness is your only option. Our HOMES need nature, our SOULS need nature on a regular daily basis. Redefine what matters & back off of cutting trees just to make a buck. Oh how stupid because that tree, that amazing tree, is so much more economically important ALIVE than dead. screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-10-33-13-amtragictuesday