Live audiences are my favorite! I thrive on facilitating discussions and creating active participation. Check out some of my favorite speaking topics then book me for an upcoming event. Photos accompany all my talks.

Also, check out the recent  Dirtfloor Chat YouTube series, short stories from my travels. I’ve started with the slides, making my way to digital as time goes by.

Trips, Trees, and Long Sleeves. In the footsteps of Teddy Roosevelt, let’s get excited about nature! Join Elli for a photo presentation & discussion about who loves nature, how we show it, & new ways to be our own answers for conservation. Come with some questions, leave with some inspiration.

Curiosity is Incurable. Trees have intent and desires. They create niches for survival. Yeah, so do we. Fancy that!

Let Me Show You How To Really Cheat. Hit me up to facilitate discussions on breaking the petroleum habit.

An Outdoor Educator’s Outdoor Voice. Getting out in nature is only 50%.  Giving back might make us whole. Simply falling in love with nature doesn’t ipso facto make us stewards of the planet. We need some guidance on how to make healthy choices.